Corsair Dominator GT Vs. Vengance Performance

would the Vengence performance ram 32GB be a better buy than the Dominators GT? I need to know whether this would be a good buy for the money i would save if i bought the vengence performance. Heres the specs.


Corsair Dominator GT:


Vengenece Performance:

Why are you spending that much on RAM?

The proformance gain certainly won't be worth $200

i edit really large videos and render a lot and i dont want to have the ram being the weak link. and would i lose anything in performance between the two if i had 64GB of them because that was my plan


I can't really tell you if you need 64GB or RAM, but I would say that since the two sets have identical specs, I don't think it would be worth the cost, but I don't know a ton about RAM of that speed and size.

well if i can save 400 dollars on ram with the same specs then i think thats the better plan

Agreed, though be ware, in most computer parts, specs are not fully reflective of proformance, just want to make sure you know that full story.

but the fact i have 64GB worth i dont think i will have any performance problems

makes sence