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Corsair 570X Fans Flickering?


I’m using this case for a month now but yesterday I started to notice this issue, the flickering and the color changing randomly, I opened the case and made sure all the wires are connected and I also removed Fan1 from the hub and reinstall it and it seems to work fine for several hours and now it came back again. I’m not sure if it’s the fans or the FanHub? it seems this is very common on corsair cases and fans, Check the video that I uploaded.


Video not found.
Could be bad contact or broken cable, or not enough current to the controller.


For a company the spearheads LEDs where they absolutely are not needed or wanted, they have a knack for making a colossal balls up of it.

No idea how they got the reputation for being good at what they do.


Among people in the know, they don´t.


I don’t think it’s a current issue, I’m removed one of the fans that I’m doubting that it’s causing the other fans to go crazy now it’s been 4 hours and everything is fine, I think we have to wait and see.


Sounds like a software bug tbh.


I think it’s not because the software is not connected to the external fans, it’s only the hardware, I concluded that it was one of the fans that is acting crazy and affecting the other fans, since I removed and I have only two fans running now, everything seems fine with no issues, I think I will go to the dealer and change only this fan and see what is the result.


The issue is with the fan itself, after I done some research I found a lot of people having the same issue. Corsair fans are really not high quality they are cheap fans and not reliable at all, do you research before buying their RGB products