Corrupted playstation 2 memory card?

i want to know if there is away to fix this i know methods like using action replay max but i know some verisons fail to work with some verisons of ps2 and that i dont know what action replay max came with at the time and sellers don't tell me what they are selling also there is freemcboot but that will only work if your memory card has it and same issues as armax. i have the scph-79001 slim black model of ps2 non modded. any ideas will help thanks

Just get a new one. They can be found pretty much all over the internet for a few bucks.

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yeah i might just do it since the hardware for reformatting seems non existant and i could just buy the product i need since you can get 8-16mb ones for 5 bucks where i seen the other stuff for 20 or 30 bucks i can see if someone had the older ps2s and like to play with the software sure but i just want the storage

The memorycard is totally usuable or you just have a corrupted unremovable save game in it? I really don't think you can fix PS2 memorycards easly. You can even get 64MB memorycards for nothing nowadays. I won't bother too much thinking on how to fix it.

yeah it just has a corrupted game save and yeah they have 64,128mb but they are mostly made poorly by chinese companies i heard and i don't want to risk it. i dont have many games for it i say about 20 games i bought another one a max memory 16mb because 5 buck is kinda cheap for storage i remember back in the ps2's life cycle they would go for higher. you can fix it with third party software like gameshark or the hoilday 2004 demo disk and a hacked memory card but i am computer savy but my know how with the ps2 is little and rather not break things that are not broken

I used to have a program on a CD that allowed me to transfer save files from memory card to USB stick and vice versa. It was one of my most valued possessions growing up with a PS2.
I think it was Free McBoot but I can't be sure. You might want to look into it.

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thing is freemcboot only works with some ps2s i heard i have a 79001 and i am not sure about it

well i found fmcboot will work with my system this is a sliver one but i have a black one so i might still work if not i can stil use it as a extra memory card

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