Core i5 3750k or AMD FX-8150 3.6ghz?

so im upgrading my pc,and right now im not sure which one i should get between the i5 3750k or the fx-8150,from what ive seen the fx-8150 is faster than the i5 and for 190 in newegg its really cheap,however can a 750w 80plus bronze PSU handle this 125w cpu? and which cpu would you go for?

No no no no no, 8150 is bulldozer and while it can do well in multithreaded applications (which are very few of what you run) the single threaded performance is beyond terrible. Go intel it is worth every penny.

what scraps said

I cant tell for sure without the rest of the specs but yea 750w should be fine unless you are doing overclocking and sli/xfire

i have a 3750 in the mail.

thx scraps,i completely forgot about the fact that it is a bulldozer cpu.thx for warning me i almost bought it due to the price,im definately going intel

thx for the info flux,so im going to buy a 3750 as well i completely forgot about bulldozer cpus.

750W will be more than enough. You can OC with that much power.

8150 if you're gonna be doing a lot of multi-threaded stuff, 3570K for everything else. If you are doing multi-threads, buy an 8350 instead.