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Copying an External Hard Drive for Dish Hopper DVR for Parents


So my parents have an external hard drive for their Dish Hopper that the cats have knocked down one too many times (at least that’s my theory) but now when the drive is plugged into the Hopper, the receiver wants to format the drive. Does anyone think it would be possible to clone the drive using Linux onto a new external drive and save their almost 2 TB worth of movies?

My worry would be not knowing how much data is corrupted and not being able to do a file system check.




I use clonezilla and dont have any problem with it.
you can download it from distrowatch.
go to clonzillas web site for instructions on the various ways of copying a drive.



I tried using dd last weekend, but the drive was throwing too many I/O errors that it got about 6MB in before failing.