Coollaboratory Liquid Pro

Anyone have any experience with this thermal solution? I found a vice to delid my 3770k safely so I want to apply it to the die. I've heard very good things about it. Also I know it doesn't work with aluminum heat sinks. I want to try it with my Hyper 212 Evo and most of the base is copper due to the heatpipes, but I want to know if the whole base is copper; otherwise I'd have to go with a more convetional thermal solution.


Fantastic TIM, I use it on my 3770k, but I have yet te delid. Yes, it is non-conductive, and fantastic for the job.

I read on the manual that it is cunductive to electricity since it is literally liquid metal and must be kept away from electrically conductive parts. But the reviews are stellar in on it and is a must for those that are deliding.

I may be thinking of Liquid Ultra, but I don't think it is conductive. It does have some corrosive properties to the aluminum, which can make CPU RMAs difficult if not impossible, though.

Yeah I read that too. That's why I'm hoping the silvery portion to the bottom of my hyper 212 evo is nickel plated copper and not aluminum. I was thinking of going with the Ultra since it's newer, but a lot of the reviews on amazon stated that the paste leaked out and the other half hardened in the tube.