I have an 8800GT, and am planning to overclock it(don't worry I know how, just need after market cooling lol)

Which would I be better off with...

Its between that one, and the Accelero S1 w/ Turbo Module.

I'm leaning towards the Zalman, because if you look at the pictures, one of them indicates that it comes w/ VRAM heatsinks(the 8th picture to be exact), and I would have to buy them seperate with the S1, and newegg is sold out of every type. Plus the zalman fan is alot sturdier than that stupid turbo module one is. I want to achieve an overclock of around 700 core, and 2000 Memory. I don't care about noise at all.

Thanks for your input!

i dont have any experience with these but Zalman usually makes awesome products.

Well I went on Zalmans website, and read up some. It said that to use that on an 8800 card, you need to purchase this as well.

But a friend told me that you only need it for a G80 8800 series card, not a G92 one.

What's right??

the accelero and the turbo fan thingy majigger is actually ur ebst bet. i used the S1, witha strapped on 80mm fan (lol) and i loved it

Really?? Even without the VRAM heatsinks? Also, Do I need to worry about getting sinks for the Vregs and mosfets? I will be upping the voltage to 1.1