Cooler Master vs Corsair PSU

Cooler Master GX 450 or Corsair CX500?

My setup:

  • AMD Phenom II X4 965 black 3.4GHz
  • 4GB (1x4) Mushkin Blackline RAM, (1333 or 1600. Not sure)
  • Sapphire 7770 GHz Ed. (requires 450w PSU) (Model; 100358L)
  • optical drive (DVD/CD RW, not sure of brand. $5 at local thrift store and works.)
  • 3.5" 500GB HDD (Not sure of brand. Coming out of current store-bought pc)

The 7770 requires a 450 watt PSU (at least, as noted on box.) I'm not sure how to calculate voltage, so I'm just wondering if I should get the 450w Cooler Master or the 500w Corsair.

EDIT: Motherboard is an Asrock 970DE3/U3S3 770 AM3+ R

I had an Antec VP-450, came DOA. Saying 'fuck it' and buying 100% trusted brands.

Always nice to go a little over, than a little under.

I'd go Corsair, purely due to lack of experience with CM, though they are a good make.

Corsair have a PSU calculator on their site, they say it only say the watts are only for Corsair PSU's, but really you can get a rought idea of what one to get for any company. Remember it's only as good as the informationy ou give it thoug, "garbage in, garbage out"

Good luck 

PS: Antec is a trusted brand, just got unlucky


Corsair FTW

The Corsair is definitely the better PSU here. It has more wattage, more amps, and more PCI-E connectors.

Thanks guys. Going with the CX500. 3 Day shipping for only $1.99, $10 instant off and $10 MIR. Best bang for the buck, really. Plus, as you guys said, corsair is the better of the two.