Cooler Master RGB controller issues

I never do builds like these where the client brings the parts he bought and i assemble it, but since this was a friend from work, that’s what i did.

He bought this CM Masterbox Lite 5 case with a trio of beautiful RGB fans on the front and a motherboard without an RGB header thus he needed an RGB controller, so we ordered the CM RGB Led Controller which seemed to be the logical choice.

I also took the opportunity to test the fans on my Biostar X470GT8 (via the Vivid LED DJ software) to make sure they worked and the LEDs lit up, all of them were 100%.

So today the controller arrived, i installed it by the book and the fans didn’t light up, not at all, same thing on my computer.

I tried everything and then it hit me that i perhaps should try another RGB fan on the controller, i grabbed my AMD Spire cooler, hooked it up and voilà, it works, but the other fans don’t.

What am i missing here?

I also should mention that i tried to power up the fans both via PWM and Molex, but that didn’t make a difference either.

U have the software installed and everything?
It all works away from each other but not with each other?

Yes i do, installed the software on both machines but no results.
The only fan that works with the controller is the Wraith Spire fan, the Masterbox fans (which are the ones i’m trying to make work) only work on my Biostar’s 5050 headers but not on the controller.