Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Micro ATX Tower

I bought this thing for $39.99 US shipped.

i put in a micro-atx board with a evga 450W psu and a ryzen 5600G.
Now nothing in this box produces alot of heat, but airflow is decent (i also added a intake fan to the front ).
A. the front and top “filters” are magnetic and easily removed. One is attached in the box, the second is loose in the shipping box. "it was bent slightly, i was able to straighten it out though.

  1. it has good airflow and the top and front are mostly open,with just the filters for restrictions.

  2. the side mounted usb/headphone jacks can be mounted in any of 6 positions. I left mine in the default position.

A. the filters get dirty fast , probably because i have alot of intake fans on this thing… so maybe not a con.

B. no sound deadening at all. the evga psu is louder than than it was in the atx case i took it out of… so now to fined a quieter psu …lol

  1. there is little to no room behind the mobo for cable management. use a modular (and quiet lol) psu

D: the usb/headphone jack mount is weak, seems “bendy” to me.

  1. has an acrylic (aka i like to get scratched) side panel. i guess i need to call dbrand for a skin(?)

Overall its a decent case for the price, no sharp edges has a couple of ssd rubber mounts on the backside of the mobo,was fairly easy to build in (except cable management) , just had to add standoffs for microatx (provided)

Built in this case for a friend, added 2x140mm beQuiet fans in front, a beQuiet DarkRock CPU cooler and a PSU that only spins up when drawing >400W.

It does a good job supplying his 1440p ultrawide with 'dem FPS, I think he runs a 7900 XT and 7700X in there currently. It is whisper quiet except for when stressing, then it is like 30 dB. Pretty decent budget case. :slight_smile: