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Cooler Master H500P


Also one more question…

back on topic…

Where the hell is my fan controller? For 150 I expect at least a small 2-3 speed switch if not a fully analog knob…
Cooler Master, WTF?


I faced a similar sense of WTF when building with the Corsair 570X. The PSU cover has no grommet leading towards the PSU. WTF??

This means all the front-panel IO, USB3 etc. cables have to snake along the PSU cover top-surface. Remind me why the PSU cover is there for again? Oh right, to look like a shelf with a bunch of wires strewn all over.


Honestly I’d rather see PWM than a manual fan control… but at least including a control option for the RGB lighting would be nice though… I’d love to see a USB dongle, but a 3 button manual control would have been fine so long as it used the standard 4 pin RGB (which thankfully the fans they did use do). Also even with all the other build issues, it bugs be SO MUCH those 200mm fan stickers are far from straight… its just the huge RGB intake is such a big part of the case looks to have it wrong.

As for side cooling fans, unless you have SLI my testing was a bottom fan onto the face dropped temps more than the side fan, likely as it did not compete with the exhaust from the cards heatsink. Case floor fans are a pain for needing tall feet and dust filters (especially on carpet, I have blocks under my Define R4) though, while side fans don’t need such a thing, so side exhausts are still great.


I need a version that’s basically a master case 5 with the 200mm fans for intake.

Just gimme my black mesh box at $99 or less CM!


Well, if you don’t plug the RGB plug of the fans - they don’t work at all… I mean they don’t light up.
Honestly, I think the case will look so much better with triple 140 fans and will breath better, since the mounts are set inside the case, so they don’t block the intake vents…

It’s called N200… Or N400 if the other one is too basic for your taste…


But those don’t have 200mm intake fans, I currently rock a HAF XB


Thermaltake V21?


That’s only micro ATX, and doesn’t have 2 200mm fans for intake.


Well, we may go on like this forever.
Still I don’t think 2x200 is a better option than 3x140…
Anyways. My guess is they will release a bunch new stuff, like panels and such, so you may be able to get dual 200 with front mesh.
They even may be sturdier than the current plastic crap…


In chats with steve from gamers nexus he mentioned it was the reverse, they may release panels compatible with the Master Case Line, so you could make those look more like the H500P


Oh for fuck’s sake…
What are you doing CM? I just started to like you…


Chat 1

Gotta keep it vague though


Can you ask the dude with the fabulous hair to do a small comparison video between the dual 200 and a triple 140s…
I believe the triple 140 will both look better and cool better…


According to Cooler Master, their MegaFlow 200mm fans move 110cfm at 700 RPM. The 140mm Silent Fan moves 60.9 cfm at 1000 RPM.
So unrestricted dual 200mm fans move around 20% more air than triple 140s.

Of course you can put in CM’s high-performance MasterFan Pro 140mm fans and get the same 110cfm per fan at 1600 RPM, but those will make a hell of a lot more noise.


He’s working on further testing I think, like moving the 200mm fans behind the bracket for more front intake.


Yes, but the 200mils are blocking part of the front intake vents, while the 140s will be mounted basically inside the case, because the bracket is shifted inside. So they will not block the vents. That was my point…

I’m really warming up to this guy. He was making some videos I disagreed with, but now he seems to be going well… And the fabulous gorgeous hair is only helping…


apparently you might not be able to mount the 200mm fans inside without modification


Restricted airflow has always been a Cooler Master problem. The HAF X had the same thing going on with the front fan. Not only was it partially blocked by the mounts for 120mm and 140mm fans, it had to force the air through a fairly substantial hard drive cage.

HAF X stock

That’s why I ended up removing the 120mm and 140mm mounts and the drive cage on mine and mounting the SSDs elsewhere.
(if any HAF X owner wants to do the same : removing the drive cage will negatively affect the case’s rigidity)

HAF X gutting



I bought two now they’re getting scares. Simple design with loads of access though bulky and really only limited by the lack of double rad mounting places.

The 500P just seems a little too much for the materials used and fit n finish.


I like the looks of it but that’s about it