Cooler master gladiator 600

does anyone know the airflow quality of this case?
would you recommend it?
any downsides in getting it?

The airflow is probably average at best, because theres only 2 fans, and they're only 120 & 140, nothing at the back.
I really wouldn't recommend this, mainly because of its price, for the same price on newegg, you can get a CM RC690 which is so much better.Â it looks nicer, has more fans and better cable mangement.
There are a some cons to the G 600, mainly lack of good airflow and cable mangement just look at the pics, theres nothing on the rightside for sata, 24pin.

if i was to buy the 3 extra optional fans (120) would this help?
(I'm interested in this case because it's currently fairly cheap in my country)

yes, improves the airflow, most likely but you would have to buy good quality fans that suit ur needs, cause you mite just end up with vaccum cleaners. and this adds at least 30 dollars onto the cost and extra cables. heck with that you get a Antec 900 or storm scout.

What the difference in cost for the Gladiator and for example the CM690. If its only 10 dollars or something then go with the 690, and upgrade that case with new fans etc later on.

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I ignored everyone's advice (sorry) and got it, as far as i can tell the airflow is a lot better than it looks like in the pis and stuff.
also the little silver bit at the front that i thought would be ugly, isint.

I got it (sorry) and the fans are well placed. the exhaust fan is pumping out could air right now (after being on C wars).

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