Cooler for FX-8320/8350

hey guys, how is it going. 

i own a fx-8320 and i been looking for a good cooler for quite sometime now. one of the best coolers i found was the "be quiet! dark rock advance" but unfortunately due to it's mounting system on the AMD platform it can only be mounted downwards with the fan blowing up aka top fire.

i don't wanna spend anything beyond £60. i'm in the UK by the way. 

so what are your suggestions guys.


FX-8320 ( to able to overclock to 4.2 at least) 

m5a99fx pro r2.0

It's a great cooler.

Not 4.2ghz good very strong and very quiet. Definitely quieter than be quiet! and much cooler 

Noctua NH-D14. Come in around the same price as the phanteks which ever you can find cheaper. Both great coolers. And very quiet.

Have both an 8350 and 8320 cooled with an 212 Plus and 212 Evo. The 8350 gets to 62*C on load with stock clock so yeah it's not for OCing. The 8320 with the 212 evo that you linked above gets to about 55*C.

My 212 Handles the 8320 at 4.5ghz . it's the absolute max it can handle. It may go up to 4.6 but I won't be able to do anything that is CPU intensive or I would hit 70 degrees