"Cool" new Raspberry PI case

Looks like cooler master is making a very nice case for Raspberry Pi via Kickstarter and open sourcing the schematics for it.

I’ve had Raspberry Pi alternatives because I needed more power (prior to RPi4) but this makes me want to get now.

EDIT: Added few thoughts
EDIT: Funded in an hour :laughing:


Most of these seem mutually exclusive of each other

  • 100% passively cooled, 0 Db operation
  • Overclocking ready cooling solution
  • Outdoor proof materials and finishes
  • Unrestricted WiFi/Bluetooth reception

I have two “passively” cooled RPI 4b cases, and they both gained Noctua fans eventually after routinely breaking 120F temps. The cases I’m using are extruded and machined aluminum and terrible for the WiFi, but get the cooling job done nicely with a quiet fan added.

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