Cooking "cheats" and recipes for teck guys that actually eat healthy

Found these playlists with some ways you can deal with some situations without have to spend that much money and still eat healthy , i worked in switzerland for 5 years on a italian restaurant and it made me a better fooder , so if some have the same kind of ideas post them here , i would love to share more about this kind of knowledge because come on look at what you are eating ,yes i see you eating pizza from yesterday when you can go to the kitchen and cook actually something that will fill your stomach but also make you a little bit healthier .


This is cool man!

I'm a huge fan of crock pot stuff, super easy and generally tasty. My wife makes loads of different stuff in it from whole chicken to beef stew ect. It's a great time saver as well as money saver.

This recipe is one i thought those of you not from the southern united states might get a kick out of.

low country boil

Some of the simplest and truest advice I was given regarding diet without having to think into it too much, was clear beverages (sadly I don't think vodka is part of that) , clear salad dressings (so oil based, and simple)  and clear soups (by that I mean like chicken noodle and such, not tomato, or other thicker or creamier soups).

 I am not the best cook, so I like the throw most of my ingredients in a slow cooker and let it works its magic.

Well not healthy in a sense of diet but in the sense that you actually know what is in it ,quick recipes you know but without killing you .

Well i don't watch the super ball but for a movie session this sounds like very yummy.


This one they say is from portugal but i think this is international so i don't know about that ,but is a very good barbecue idea i'm sure going to try .


I have to scratch the healthy from the title hehe.

I know this is an old thread but I though I might be able to chime in with some suggestions ...

Dumplings are great and healthy too if cook them the right way. Make sure you boil them or pan cook (not fry). They are also quick to make.

a small steak with steamed vegetables, takes about 10 minutes to cook, all the goodness you need :)

and you cant forget about a spaghetti bolognaise, just make sure to add some small veggies like peas and diced carrots to get the veg intake and your set.