Content Questions

I see the forum as a practice for bigger places, at least I do now. So I wanna know what would be cool to see.

As of right now I am creating a youtube / video space for making shit happen. I want to dissect machines, show how shit works, how to get what you want out of something you got out of the trash. Basically.

As I do this, I want to repair things, I want to actually do the grand reformat thread or at least what was intended that then got put off by bullshit happening, I want to fix a gpu, resolder some shit back together and bench stuff against each other (headphones for example, was skull candy as shit then as they are now etc). But… What can I make into content and what should I just do in th ebackground?

I don’t necessarily want to just jump at everything, thats tiring, but its a little overwhelming to think I could miss something. There a good way to balance what would be a good post vs what’d get ignored?