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Content creator? I would love your feedback

Forgive me if this is the wrong area to post this type of thing,

TLDR: Are you a content creator? Do you post videos on youtube or other sites, I would love to get your thoughts on some stuff.

I’ve recently created this post over in the blog section about creating a better social media platform and I want to get content creators input on what they currently like about your current platform vs issues that they have faced.

The goal for this is to see what works well and doesn’t work well. So that if I decide to go code all of this up we have the features content creators actually want and desire without all the bullshit.

Additional Information

Current goals for content creators using this ‘new’ platform.

  • Content creators can now monetize their content on the platform via advertisements and ‘social gold’ from users.

  • Content creators content that is uploaded is in someway protected. (Content ID is broken, working on finding a better way, but the tldr version will be other users won’t be able to steal and re-upload your content to make money from it.)

  • Content creators will be able to choose the advertisements they want to be shown with their video (custom merch shops, approved sponsors and stuff like that)

  • I’ve also dabbled with a patreon type setup for those users that want to support their content creators.

Easiest first is some hash. For the basic download-reupload scheme.