Console 2 Gaming PC*HELP*

Im a console gamer thats coming to PC gaming , i tired of spending money on games and getting all the new consoles + paying for online. when on PC its just one and then upgrade to better parts if needed too.

i came across the $350 gaming pc video, ill like to have a nice gaming pc thats from 350 to about 450 if so. i been seeing lots of post but i dont know on witch parts are better and witch one are best for me. if theres anyone thats willing to help me comment below.

 i want a gaming PC where i can play newer games like COD, BF4 and Diablo 3 or WoW. i mostly like playing online but on PC i don't know many games besides the ones i named. & Running ADOBE SOFTWARES LIKE ( PhotoShop,AfterEffect ).


Here are the parts i have picked:


pick a cheap case, or spend more money.

send me some cases so i can take a look at them & thats the list we have so far?

Kinda difficult to stay in your price range now that almost all of AMD's cards are out of stock :/

If you can find a 2GB HD 7850 for cheap(under $150), get it.  HD 7870s are a great option as well.

Don't forget to account for the OS. If you don't already have a spare copy of windows (which if you've never built a PC I'm going to assume you don't) you'll have to spend another $100. 

You should go with a 650 ti boost over a 650 ti. There is actually a pretty steep performance increase for about $25 more.

On the note of OS. If you attend almost any University/College on this Planet, there is a big chance you can get a proper licens for free from dreamspark. just go to and have a look if your school qualifies. (or someone you know) 

MS has that system to keep everybody using their OS, you can even get server licenses and stuff from there. Have saved a lot of dough thanks to Dreamspark. 

Yeah, I got about 7/8 Licenses for windows 7 and windows 8 doing this. But I don't think it's safe to assume someone is in college.

no go for radeon hd 7870 ghz edition. beats both

you think i could play BF4 Online ? and many triple a game titles?

Cant i just get one of  torrents?

           OR I SUGGEST
 (will have better game performance)

tpb also has some.

So technically, yeah, it should work for win7 64bit.

Torrenting is a very touchy subject here on the forums, though.

Are you joking...?

CoolMax PSUs are of terrible quality.  I put them even under many of Cooler Master's PSUs.  Pretty much spit and tissue power supplies.

Hitachi Ultrastars are quite unreliable and have a high failure rate.

Otherwise the builds here are somewhat workable.

You can, and that's a decision you'll have to make own your own, but I'll tell you why I don't think you should.

Everything below is for all who read this post.

Your computer would be useless without an OS and windows is your only real option to play games. The flying spaghetti monster knows I'd be lying if I said I've never pirated a movie, mp3 or game, but I've really gotten away from that. But to me, pirating your operating system is entirely different. I think pirating an OS is essentially the same thing as walking into your local computer shop and stealing a graphics card. You can't really hide behind the "I wouldn't have purchased it otherwise" argument like you might with a movie or game. It's an essential part of your computer, regardless of what you think about big bad Micro$oft, they have developed something you need. If you're going to use it, please pay for it. If you can't afford it yet, try to save up for a little bit longer. And I really don't want game developers to use piracy as a reason not develop for the PC.

I don't mean to lecture, but I think that piracy is a negative image that has been (unfortunately) rightfully placed on the PC gaming community. We tend to be more tech savvy than the average user, so getting whatever content we want is really easy. This habit has gotten so bad that people even pirate fantastic software like start8 which only costs $5. I'm not saying you're a terrible person if you pirate or anything, but I fully believe that piracy is bad for our community.