Considering Verizon to Sprint migration

Hey all,

I've got my parents and brothers on Verizon currently.

I'm thinking about moving the 4 of them over to Sprint since they're paying nearly $300/mo for phone service.

They all have either iPhone 5 or 6. Will there be any compatibility issues moving them to Sprint?

I'm thinking about taking advantage of the switch and save event that they're doing right now.

I'm not too savvy when it comes to all this Carrier bullshit, so if anyone can help me cut through the legal mumbo jumbo, that would be great.

From what I understand about the plan currently, what will happen is they migrate to Sprint, Sprint pays the termination/device buy-out fees, they send the phones to sprint, they buy new phones from Sprint.

Has anyone taken advantage of this event thing?


this guy went through it

vlog is not dedicated to it, but its in there

I'm looking for the main one,

yeah I got nothing

but verizon wasn't too happy about it

Sweet, thanks!

Looks like that's what I'll be doing tomorrow night after work.

Well, no shit they weren't happy about it. They're going to be feeling the same way about my folks. No reason for them to pay through the nose for immeasurably less service. "the number one network" my ass.

They have a 15GB 4g limit, sprint has no limit and costs less. The choice is obvious.