Connecting my chassi USB-C port without a motherboard USB-C header


I have a Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact case which has a front usb-c port, but my motherboard, ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) II, does not have a usb-c header as far as i’m aware.

What would be the best way to have my chassi USB-C port work?


Get an adapter from USB 3 to the type C standard, costs like 4$ on aliexpress


Make sure everything is usb 3.2 2x2 standard. If you get a card or such. It’s worth it. I just built a threadripper system and use that USB version. And it’s just awesome

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I have basically the same exact situation. I don’t really have much of a NEED to use the front type C port, but it hurts to have it there and not connected. I DO have a use for the front type-A usb 3 ports, and the motherboard only has one header, so that’s not an option. I have absolutely NO use for the type-C on the rear I/O panel, is there a cable/other way to patch that one through to the front?

In its purest form, you need one of these adapters.

In general, you’re looking to for a cable or adapter that goes from USB-C (male) to Type E FEMALE. The TYPE E female is the important part.

You could maybe still be able to route the rear USB C port to your case front I/O panel if you are creative enough, but you would probably end up with a patchwork of adapters and cables. A USB C extension cable that goes into the case, an adapter like the one posted above, and then hook up your case USB C header. I don’t remember how long USB C cables can be before they start loosing signal strength without some sort of auxiliary power.

The easiest way to use the rear I/O ports without having to reach around would be with an extension cable

, or a USB C hub with an external power supply and removable cables and place it on your desk.

Alternatively , if you have spare PCIe expansion slots of the proper speed/bandwidth, get a USB 3.2 expansion card with a female type E port so you can use your case USB C header.


Thank you @Melcar for the excellent detailed reply.

In your place, @Klaustrophobia , I would pick the simplest and most accessible option - a powered hub from the rear port on my desk. And a PCIe expansion card if you absolutely want to use the front port.