Connecting multiple distant displays to a workstation

So I have a scenario here that I’m not sure the resolution of. I have a comouter with a 1080p monitor connected to it to connect to 3 new monitors approximately 80 feet away. These monitors will be displaying the same image on all of them.

I’m not sure if i can connect them all to a network and cast an image on them in Windows, and if I could if that image casting is CPU or GPU intensive.

If I can’t cast it over ethernet what are my cabling options?

Your best bet would be to use an hdmi->ethernet solution.

hdmi cable -> adapter -> ethernet run -> adapter -> hdmi cable

Instead of the casting solution over ethernet.


Yeah after a bunch of back and forth that’s the only solution that I found would work properly. I have that solution in place for an older projector already and didn’t want to do it because it needed 2 ethernet cables but the new ones only need 1 cat 6 cable so it cuts down on runs pretty substantially so that was the solution I went with.

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