Connecting Bluetooth headphones to PC?

So heres the deal, today for Christmas I received the LG Tone+ Bluetooth headset! Woo! It connects fine to my phone and sounds great, super comfortable buds and all that great stuff. However, I spend ALL my time on my PC and listen to all my music on my PC. I'm about positive there is a way to connect these bad boys to my laptop/Desktop.. I just don't know how lol. 

- My PC. I do NOT have a built in Bluetooth card or any form of communication settings for Bluetooth. So, im stuck using a generic USB dongle for like a bluetooth mouse. I again, just dont have the right drivers or software to do it. Thats where you folks come in! 

Can anyone help me out here and point me in the right direction for a guide or something to connect my new headphones to my laptop/desktop. Your guys help is greatly appreciated


Here is the headphones -




Anyone??? :(