Connecting a sound bar since I'm getting a new screen

I bought a Gigabyte Auorus FV43U a couple of days ago on a 40% sale. But I’m afraid that the current speakers I have (Harman/Kardon Soundsticks, which I absolutely love both in terms of sound and design) will look weird so far apart.
So I am thinking of getting a soundbar, preferably a Denon since I love how they sound.
But here’s my problem, I have three computers. One for work and one mac mini, will connect these using AUX I guess since I only need stereo from them.
But I would like some kind of surround from my game computer. So is there anyone here who have done this kind of setup before? I would use DP to connect the computer and the screen and maybe a hdmi cable to the soundbar? Or is there any other way I can get some kind of surround without needing a bunch of speakers?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well first off: fuctionality > looks.

Second, you won’t get a good surround setup without dedicated speakers for the surround.

Third, PCs can leverage home theatre audio BETTER than a Blu Ray so you can go there.

A 5.1 AV receiver would solve any connectivity issues between your 3 computers using a remote control. It also lets you pick any speaker type you want to setup any surround system you want at whatever price you want.

Personally, my motto is “buy well, buy once”. You won’t do that with a sound bar or self powered speakers. Also for context, diminishing returns for audio quality in home theatre isn’t till after the $10k mark. That may sound expensive, but a good speaker setup won’t go obsolete and will last decades, and thus should be cheaper than most gamers spend per year on video cards on average.

I recommend Yamaha receivers. Their Virtual Cinema Front features are great for computer setups in that you don’t need to have the surround speakers behind you. Receivers also have speaker calibration to measure the sound levels from each speaker and adjust their volume depending on how they interact with the room and environment around you. is a good resource for all kinds of speaker reviews of all sizes and all prices.

P.S. Using HDMI for audio only has Windows setup a whole other screen as a “ghost” monitor. It can be a pain at first, but can be worked around. If you have a newer video card, the newer HDMI 2.1 spec is better than Display port anyway

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Unless I change my desk yet again (bought a raising desk when I got permanent home office) then the desk I have is the desk I have and the soundsticks look a bit stupid on this desk since the monitor is so huge. Thats why I was thinking soundbar (with a sub). My screen is 43" so a soundbar would probably not look stupid here.
And I do not want a receiver on my desk, I already have a receiver for my surround system around my tv (Denon, been using that brand for 12 plus years and they had the automatic calibration feature already back then. :slight_smile: So this is why I am asking if there are any here who have used a soundbar on their big ass monitor and how it worked.