Connectatron: Open-Source node editor for planning networks of devices

I’ve recently finished a minimum viable product of this application, and I would love feedback and contributors.

See status and get Windows binaries on the releases page. Linux and MacOS binary builds will come as soon as I can wrangle Actions.

Here’s a copy paste of the Readme:

Connectatron is a node editor for planning and analyzing networks of devices.

Connectatron uses standards-compliant terminology to enable the user to specify a device’s connectors and their capabilities. When using the node editor, physical compatibility between connectors is enforced, and protocols are compared across connections (WIP) to ensure electrical/software compatibility.

I built this in an effort to make a better way to do things like:

  • Check if I have enough 5Gbps USB 3 ports to support a certain VR setup.
  • Plan out complicated KVM switch setups with multiple monitors.
  • Make a packing list for my laptop + peripherals in certain configurations so I don’t forget any adapters.
  • See if new computer hardware I’m about to buy is compatible with existing hardware.
  • Document the connections between devices in my current setup.

Defining your own devices (/Devices) is quick and easy through a simple JSON format, and making an editor program for device editing would be very straightforward. Hopefully, if this application gains traction, device manufacturers can supply a device configuration file that is readable by Connectatron. No more diving through manuals to find out if a USB port is USB 3.1 Gen 2 or USB 3.2 Gen 1!

Was forked from GitHub - connorjak/imgui-node-editor: Node Editor using ImGui.