Connect pc to pc with a sata cable lol

i want to do this so i can use my ssd on both my windows computers. one has an i5 2500 and a 970 that i use for some open gl games and stuff and then i have my 8350 with my rx 480 for apex legends and a couple other games that work well with multi threading. my network speeds are slow and this seems cost effective lolololololol

That’s not how that works



April fools day was a few days ago, you missed it :slight_smile:


Use a gigabit switch (100MB/s) to connect the two Pc’s together, or an ethernet crossover cable (not always needed now-a-days). Then setup some sharing settings, and transfer whatever you want

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125 before overhead. I’ve had downloads through an external VPN with strong encryption hit 108MB/s.


If the PCs are physically next to each other you can just use a SATA to usb adapter and an input switcher. You can get cheap usb3 switch box for less than $20

Or just get two SSDs.

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Or a docking station in each pc and sneakernet the drive?*

*the cost of this would be almost as much as just buying an additional drive. Which would be a better option.
A cheaper version would be to just physically plug and unplug the drive in the computers, but that would be a major ballache, and nobody got time for that

I remember the times when I started the old Fifa game via lpt from one pc to another with 133Mhz MMX … It took a long time but the game worked. It was good old times :wink:

Another issue is disk power supply and cable logistics as well as the fact that the disk cannot be directly connected to any PC but directly connected to the switch. And what should be completely obvious, the disk will not be available simultaneously for both PCs.

Or think about the NAS with smb / iscsi. Odroid HC2 or HC1 + 1Gb/s Eth switch…

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if i knew how to make a driver or whatever that made one pc “think” it was connected to a storage device but it was really connected to the c drive of another computer i totally would. lol a 5 dollar program and a 2 dollar sata cable lol sata 2 would shit all over network speeds that a normal person can use lol. thank you all

another 20 dollar 120gb drive would be nice lol


Note for what you are trying to do a shared folder between the two pcs over SMB should be fine. It will give 100MBps over gigabit ethernet. If your data throughout exceeds that then replicate the data between both sites using rsynch or similar.

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