Conflict between Networkmanager and firewalld [SOLVED]

hi dear community
i have a problem and i have a small question
i add an interface to the public zone in my RHEL server from network manager
but when i try to add it from firewalld it shows me an error message that the interface is under control of network manager
i have no experience with firewalld and i’m hoping for your helpimage

These aren’t tools I use, but have you checked that your rules are being applied? for example with ‘iptables -L -v’

Firewalld and Network Manager will be talking to eachother via dbus, you may not need to do anything

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try to reload and then check

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What version of RHEL?

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iptables s blocked by default

i did and it shows a long error message

i’m using the latest version 8.1 with the latest update

@nx2l i got this error message

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what services are running/enabled?

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i have firewalld and network manager
i deleted the connection where there is the issue restarted and configured again and it works well now
it looks like there were a conflict between firewalld and network manager over the zone where the interface should belong
thank you so much my friend for your support