Configuring Freenas ZFS pool on a SSD volume

Hi there I was wondering how I should configure Freenas ZFS pool that is running on SSDs. I was told that you have to configure it different for SSD volume vs. running on spinning disks.

AFAIK, FreeNAS will handle all of this for you. I have an SSD volume and it works fine.

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Mostly just design considerations. As in, how you structure your pool. You’d get limited performance boost from a ZIL/SLOG or L2ARC if your pool is already so fast and responsive.

Additionally there’s RAID 10 vs RAID Z2 considerations for SSD pools, but nothing unique. Just how you want to balance performance, space, reliability, and rebuild times

Are there big performance between ZFS z2 vs ZFS in raid 10? I know that using a hardware raid 5 or 6 has a performance lost due to extra parity, where raid 10 you lose 50% space, but gain performance. I wasn’t sure about the performance in freenas for ZFS pools.

I’m trying to run SQL Server on the SSD volume. The SQL database size is about 150GB and growing. I wanted to basically make it very responsive when users access the database. I’m also willing to lose space for performance. What is the best practice for setting this up? I have 10 SSDs that I was planning to use for the pool, but wasn’t sure which structure I should be using.

Does Freenas run trim or let the SSDs run the garbage cycle? I have samsung 860 Pro 512GB drives.


Definitely recommend striped mirrors for this.

Trim is supported

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Thanks for the very fast reply!

Striped mirrors as in Raid 10?


Yes. Striped mirror = raid 10. In ZFS, automatically stripes (sort of) vdevs you put in a pool.

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but more flexible, because you can attach drives to each side for read speed, or additional pairs to grow pool


Sounds good! Thank you oO.o !!!

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So I’ve setup the pool with 2 x samsung 860 pro ssd in mirror with 5 of them in 1 pool total drive of 10. I wasn’t used to setting up vdevs in freenas, but thanks to all of you guys, I was able to set it up.

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