Configuration help

ok so im building this rig and i already have the core 1000 case.

is there something wrong with any of the parts. please help. will they work well together.

Where is the PSU/HDD/SSD(not saying it's 100% necessary) ? I'd step up to a 970 chipset motherboard instead of that one,It MIGHT handle the 6300 without throttling. I'd disable turbo core on the cpu with that motherboard. Other than that,yes they do work

for the psu i was thinking of getting 550w but I'm not sure that that's what i need. 

also i cant seem to find a micro ATX board with a 970 chipset. so I'm not sure what to do. unless you know of any that would work?


here is a new list

I would recommend going with Intel with anything smaller than ATX if you want to keep the computing power.

That motherboard might be able to work, but there may be VRM throttling.

OK if i went with intel. what would the equivalent of fx6300 be?

preferred for gaming.

thanks for the reply also.

The 6300 is around a high end i3 and a low-end i5.  That means no overclocking.

Bout 30 bucks more than the one you have now. before the PSU.