Concrete proof of youtube video suppression

The source does datanalysis of over a million videos and finds that demonetized content is systematically removed from googles search and promotion indexing.

I think this may be the first concrete piece of proof that we have outside of anecdotal evidence from creators and MCNs


YouTube thinks any Content ID positive is a confirmed offense. Because according to the law, Fair use is a DEFENSE to a already committed offense. They just took it one step further by automating the process and providing draconian control over anything that gets a positive, often with almost no human interaction.


The main problem is the lack of transparency. I create content on youtube and have been hit before with completely uncontroversial content

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Yeah, it’s no secret but it’s nice to know a little bit more about how they classify the content.

Behaviour like this will continue to alienate creators, and probably usher in the era of YT TV
which i figure YT is perfectly ok with

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Before now it’s just been people complaining about getting demonetized. having concrete proof of platform fixing in this manner may help if it ever comes to regulation or class action


yep, though i’m not a fan of regulation (in general) maybe something like, you know, you can’t suppress content that people depend on for the livelihood’s without full disclosure.
Wouldn’t mind seeing YT sued for screwing people without telling them.

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[small brain] there is no ownership without governance and rule of law
[regular brain] methodology is important but we need regulation
[galaxy brain] corporations are our friends and every market is efficient
[multidimensional brain] monopolies are your fault for not making your own multinational to compete


kek, i would say while not a fan, i do understand that we need them… to a point

Now where to find that point, i’m still split, grey area if you will.

also side note, why would anyone assume a market is efficient, i feel that they missed the point of a free market

you’ve obviously never met political libertarians


Ah yes, i forgot about that, really loud sect of pol ideology
by choice

not to say i don’t like them, just not, you know, a fan of N E E T S (obvious over generalization is obvious) acting like they know what they are talking about.

No, many of them actually run businesses and function IRL. I’ve been to meetups as part of my work.

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it twas a joke
I was more referring to the more vocal supporters that you see running around on chans/reddit/youtube comment sections.

My friend who owns something like 30+ businesses (most making surprisingly good profits) falls very close to that designation, though he doesn’t think free market is efficient and believes in some of muh authoritarian ways.
believes in a balance between regulation and freedom

I wonder if this extends beyond YouTube too. When I search for something I don’t get educational and informative websites as much as I use to as far as first page results go and I get more opinionated clickbait news articles that are just so bad in quality.

But this is anecdotal evidence but I wonder if there is truth to that.


That’s just SEO

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The Content identification trend did spread. Vimeo teamed up with a third party to use a third party service to take down videos using ANY RIAA songs. Facebook videos do the same thing, and Facebook Live is even worse. Any RIAA music means your stream gets nuked. Makes live streaming weddings impossible unless you can get someone on the mute button for the stream when appropriate.


Interesting thing happened today. Went to search for a popular video on the YouTube App on Apple TV, and because it had swearing, was likely demoted. The video didn’t show up at all in the app. Any video with swearing didn’t show up in the YouTube app. More proof this is actually a thing. If you have an Apple TV, search for a video you know for sure has swearing. It won’t be on there.

thats fucking annoying

It definitely does this for certain videos. I believe some of it is manual as well. And the results you get on the web version can be different from the app.

I had looked up the James damore video at one point, no issue on the web, I tried it on the app later for some reason (showing someone maybe) and you couldn’t search for it with his name. They’d removed that video from the search results when you tried to look him up.

Trying to run a site where anyone can post videos and a site that doesn’t offend anyone is impossible.

Find it entertaining to see a major site self destruct.

Not only do they have to please corporate lawyers in order to continue operation without being sued, they have Soccer Moms complaining about swearing to worry about, now that so many kids watch popular YouTubers that more than often swear. The manual censorship of the search results is likely the work of the 10,000 “policing” screeners YouTube just hired.