Concerning the EVGA/NVIDIA Breakup. Where to buy GPUs now?

I mean EVGA could make that high end product. But only thing is kinda missing software. So they would work with Canonical or whoever works on Linux on R-V to get something great up and running.

I really hope this would be the case for EVGA.

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To answer the other part of the question, “where to buy GPUs now”?

If you are looking at the AMD ship, Sapphire and PowerColor are both really good AMD partners with solid support, though EVGA is/was S-tier and these two are merely A+ tier.

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Literally was about to do the same thing.

This is silly. Where do i get GPUs now!? eh ther 12 or more other companies still selling them.

There are lists…

You have search options…

Im pretty sure, but this is just a hunch, if you use the search engine of your choice and input nVidia GPU there will be no failing of places and people to buy them from

So Where to i get GPUs now

Same place you always have.

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I don’t really care about the manufacturer, so in my case I always see that the retailer can actually action the warranty if necessary. And that I actually can go to the store personally or they deliver proper support over phone and chat and best ofcourse giving me an impression that I matter for the retailer.

Second hand is another thing, you just get your hands on with the product and have them make a video or show you that it actually works. (If you are buying a working one)



I would say the ASUS TUF series of GPUs are good, but for AMD especially, always the Sapphire GPUs. Sapphire supporting Nvidia might be just the thing the market needs actually.

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Zotac have been my go to for Nvidia cards for years now. EVGA’s cards were always overpriced in the UK.

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I just logged in to post a thread about this. WTFuck? So what happens now?

Aren’t EVGA the best brand of Nvidia cards to get? Just like how Sapphire is best for AMD?

So what happens now? Also… will this increase the resell value of old EVGA Nvidia cards? :thinking:

Oh and I forgot to add. What will they produce now?

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It is quite a shock. One video that came out after I posted this thread is a linus video, he spends a lot of time on the EVGA topic right at the start of this week’s WAN Show. So if you want a fairly lengthy discussion on the topic, this is also a good one to watch.

I personally plan on getting an AMD card for the next GPU I need, I am not going to reward Nvidia for being gigantic jerks for this long. Honestly the last thing that was keeping me from jumping ship entirely earlier was EVGA, and now that they are done with Nvidia, I think I am too.


Another video from GN Steve just came out on this topic. It clarifies some of the details there.

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For a slight derail, this should probably go into a more generic Nvidia Lovelace thread, but I haven’t seen any around and too lazy to create one. Mods feel free to move this to the appropriate place.

Anyway, the size of these cards, holy sheeeet… Now even ‘dem watercoolin’ cards are 2-slot monstrosities at the bare minimum, and pretty much all AIB cards are 3.5 slot monsters.

My poor Dan A4 2-slot case is crying over there in the corner now… These guys are just too big :cry:

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tbh they were a boutique brand. so should be able to diversify into another market without much issue.
there product quality is good to excellent across the range and there warranty’s are honoured.
so while nvidia will be a chunk of business gone.
evga will survive.

as for where to get other cards. lol its not like there is a shortage of other brands that in some cases offer a better product at less money (zotac)

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I just saw the size of the new TUF cards and I cannot recommend them anymore. People honestly NEED to go watercooling for the 4090.

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Sapphire. :joy:

Edit : my evga 8800gts still works


Yeah and they do a shit job of most of the stuff they make. Motherboards and GPU - fine. The rest. Ugh


Can’t comment on that really. Only bought two motherboards from them and that’s it.

To be fair I wouldn’t buy much else from them since they got into peripherals and other products way later. But I had issues too with one of their motherboards so I was on the fence about buying another one. Luckly I was helped by choice I had to make: Gigabyte Aorus or Asus. Had an easy time choosing.

They didn’t want to sell me a fan for an old R9 285! Bad Sapphire, BAD! jk, but I wish they sold me one instead of throwing me for a loop

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Yeah =/ That’s always been Sapphire’s problem, they make great stuff, but their customer support is a bit lacking.