Concerning the EVGA/NVIDIA Breakup. Where to buy GPUs now?

So the news has just came out that EVGA will no longer be making video cards for NVIDIA. There are a couple videos on this topic so far.

So, what do people think? Where will you go to get your GPU’s now?

I personally have always liked EVGA products, they have had the best support and warranty service in the computer business, bar-none. EVGA’s customer support and good reputation is huge.

For me, this has basically clinched my decision, my next build will definitely house an AMD based card, as I refuse to reward Nvidia for their poor treatment of EVGA and their other board partners.

Evidently EVGA makes up 40% of the NVIDIA graphics cards sold. According to this video…

*likely those are north american sales numbers only. But even so… yep, this is not a small thing.

Another update

GN Steve just released another video with further clarification and more fresh news on this topic

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Buy direct from AMD or Nvidia.

Founders edition or reference model.

Then drown it, like God intended.


I get that there will be a hole/void now that EVGA is leaving the GPU market, however not sure it is going to be doom and gloom.

The reporting from both Gamers Nexus and Jayz 2 Cents seem to indicate that EVGA is not interested in partnering with either Intel nor AMD moving forward.


Yeah, sounds like they’re dropping out of GPUs entirely.

To be fair, EVGA is a small company and it moves a small number of GPUs compared to other manufacturers.

They may seem small at the moment, but they have known for quite a while now that they were breaking up with Nvidia, so it makes sense they would sell fewer video cards over recent months.

However they have always been a very big player in the industry at least in the North American market, I can not say what their share might have been in European markets however.

But for North America, (Canada and the US) if you wanted a high-end Nvidia card, EVGA was the best choice every time. They were known for their high quality cards, and they have the best customer service of any computer component manufacturer I have ever dealt with. And that’s over a very lengthy period of time.

They also offered things to benefit the customer that no other company in the industry ever has. Most notably with their Step-Up program.

always have been

The point I thought people would receive from my above comment is that we’re not losing a huge manufacturer in the GPU field.

It’s not a big deal. A company is getting out of a shitty market, I would make the same choice if I were getting shit on from the chipmaker and the customers.


Argue that point with GN Steve and Jay, they talked about how big EVGA was in the video card market in their videos.

I hope that out of this situation other AIB are gonna demand more out of Nvidia, at least fairness.
Out of just memory I don’t think Nvidia has a single other AIB that couldn’t just stop making full GPUs and be “whatever, I’ll focus on the rest of my portfolio”.
MAYBE small chinise AIB, but they don’t move much inventory anyway especially in the east market.

Also found really fascinating that GN pointed out that if EVGA wants to remain relevant in the near future they have to choose between AMD or Intel not to keep making GPUs else they’re gonna lose brand presence in that space.

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Asus comes to mind.

They own the motherboard scene the last few years.


ASUS is humongous! They have their hands in every product cathegory possible! Even furniture for a while. They’re even allowed to make Nvidia AND AMD GPUs at the same time.
If Nvidia were to lose them it would be a very big blow. Not because they would lose too much money but because people would start to doubt Nvidia products if even ASUS doesn’t want to deal with them.

I’m the one who gave them way too much money! theCrosshair VIII Impact I have was NOT cheap!


I have had poor experiences several times now with Asus technical support… they need to work on their customer service. But their products are mostly ok.

I am currently using a Asus x570 dark hero, that was expensive and difficult to get on release. >.< But it’s a good board.


yes, they have shit support and their QC has been bad since 2019, but they’re still on top.


One thing that does seem to be happening in regards to nVidia is that they want to control the entire GPU market, from the GPU die to the card memory etc, but they have to sort out the supply chain thing.

They are using Apple as a role model on how to accomplish this.


Good thing I’m not in the market for another 3-4 years.


Well technically I’m not either but with the upcoming releases from AMD + nVidia + Intel, it will become a huge challenge NOT to give in :wink:

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I’ve got bills that make that challenge much easier to evade.

Also did my capstone build last summer, build log’s in my user card.

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Yerp. I don’t plan on buying anything for a fairly long time. One of the ways I help myself avoid buying is making the choice not to buy anything until my current computer will not do what I want it to do anymore. Effectively this means when games no longer run well, i’ll start considering an upgrade.

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Yeah, I don’t have unlimited disposable income like I did in my early 20s. Time to be responsible.


True, I get my bills paid off and see what is left over, some goes into savings and then what I have to spend on quality of life things like my Steam Library


Honestly i never had one, my last one was a Zotac and i currently run an XFX.
Warranty on my slice of the world depends mostly on the store that sells the card, as long as i buy from a good store, i’m covered.