Concerning that video on the Synology DS1821+

This video

Looking into getting that, yet looking up the expansions, those seem very limited to Synology’s own products. I get sticking with the recommended RAM, but the NVME expansions and HDD’s should be good from any brand, right?

Also, every talks about HDD’s, what about using SSD’s instead? I guess that’ll cost more? Any downsides apart from that?

People seem to like the NAS variety (Red) of Western Digital. SSDs are only good if you really really need fast storage and have an actual use for it but the price to capacity isnt there. Slots are limited in NAS so if you need to add more, you will run out soon because you used small fast storage and if you had ZFS/BTRFS in it you will need downtime when rebulding the redundancy.

Anyway, Just use NAS rated HDDs (its a solved problem already, the reason it is the standard). It has less hassle and headaches and cheap too in the long run.


The remark about needing downtime when adding more, that applies in all cases?

When buying my HDDs, I didn’t find any reference on whether expensive NAS drives are actually more reliable. In my country (Germany), paying like 50% premium means it has to be 50% less drive failures to justify the cost. These “special” Synology drives are even more expensive.

I just bought normal enterprise drives for my (non-Synology) NAS and got myself additional backup drives I can use as spare as well, all for less money.

From my perspective the whole “NAS HDD” is mostly about marketing and certification. Just get more of cheap drives like Seagate Exos or Toshiba MG0X.

SSDs are way more expensive per TiB. Unless you need the low latency on all of your data or write a lot, HDDs are still the workhorse for storing lots of data. That’s why most keep SSDs for caching.

I like using nvme and more ram to run other services on the Nas and only mechanical drives in the 3.5" slots

I’m reading on some sites “maximum storage 108TB”.

For 8 slots that 13.5TB per disk.

Is there any basis to that? I’m looking at getting 16TB WD Red Pro disks for this, since they’re cheapest per GB, at least over here.

Also not gonna buy 8 of those at once, adding more later.

I heard that’s an issue with BTRFs, adding more disks requires downtime?

I’m probably not aware enough on these subjects.

I’m mainly looking to store video and photo and do network mounts in some cases.

I suppose regular old ext4 is good for that, or should I consider a different filesystem?

I didn’t follow up on this, I’ve been doing other things.

At this point, I’m wondering if I should go for this, or wait for a renewel, new version in 2022, or just go for this one.