Computex - Broadwell launched, RIP AMD APUs

It's confirmed! Broadwell has launced! Broadwell uses 14nm and it has only 65W TDP. Apparently, the unlocked processor are now tagged with C instead of K. I have to say it is rather pointless to buy Broadwell now as Skylake is also coming very soon with Z170 chipset.

One feature the Broadwell has is the Iris Pro 6200, and say goodbye to AMD's Radeon iGPU, Iris Pro floors it, as reviewed by Tom's Hardware.,4169-6.html

I know that I'm just trying to make this sound better than it really is, but AMD still gives you the lowest $/frame. Other than that, pretty solid improvements I would say. A delta/improvement that large is almost suspicious.

Considering that the I5 models are roughly twice the cost of an A10, I wouldn't say that the current line-up of AMD APUs is necessarily dead.

But, it is nice to see Intel making a firm stand into the realm of integrated graphics.

Now, we'll get to see how Carrizo and HBM affects the market.

damn, high entry cost ($270)

My thoughts on this whole situation.

Just gotta wait for the APUs with HBM on die, I really wish AMD would hurry up with zen, I need a GPUless ITX system.

The performance of Iris Pro 6200 shows us what we can get with integrated ram for the iGPU. However, HBM is much better suited for this than eDRAM is, so we should expect some serious performance from the Zen APUs if they do, in fact, have HBM, which they should.

If AMD has a brain they should also try to fix performance both hybrid cross fire because it would make the APUs a much more attractive option for budget gaming

That'll never be worth it, it'll always be better to go with a cheaper CPU+mid range GPU, at least until APUs can do a solid [email protected]

I think the main issue is the difference in speed between the iGPU and GPU.

Broadwell on desktop is not impressive to me. The cpu improvement is a laughable jump, and the igpu is nothing I care about. I bought a Xeon 1231-v3 like 2 weeks ago and frankly I don't care about the little jump I'd have got from waiting til now to buy the 1231-v4 or whatever its going to be called.

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costs over twice as much with a 20% boost in igpu performance?

How is that RIP amd apus?

I am confused..

We already know that amd will respond with hbm apus at some point we just dont know what the specifics are.

Dont count them out yet

The only company that should be worried about the rise of better integrated (on both intel and amd) is Nvidia