Computer Won't Turn on First build

So i was building my pc and then i finished evrything so I was going to test it before doing any cable management so i did i pluged the cable that gosee to the electricity turned on the power supply and tryed to turn on the computer but nothing happend please tell me what could be causeing the problem thsi is my first build thanks for the help.

Did you connect the powerswitch to the right pins on the motherboard? 

If nothing spins up, even not the powersupply, thats propably the case. Small pins might sometimes get mixed up. 

Also, make sure you connected the 4 or 8 pin, to your motherboard, not only the 20 / 24pin. If you can, test with another PSU / motherboard. 

(check your motherboard transistors, if they are bulged/disdented on the top, something has fried your motherboard)

You can unplug everything else, and just try with the motherboard and PSU, have had strange issues like broken USB port causing malfunctions and so on. The Fans should spin up, if everything is connected right, and your motherboard isn't completely fried, nor the PSU damaged.





When i disconect evrything execpt what you said it dose work dose this mean i connected the front head connectors wrong

Post your PC specs. 

Also the list of what you have connected and what cables are being used. If the PSU spins up while connected to the motherboard with no extras, it wont mean your motherboard is fine, it only shows your powersupply works. 

Might be, the total power requierment is not met, it happens when you are running a highend system with a 400W PSU. Sometimes the system will work, but if the requierment is not fully met, the PSU will die off pretty fast.

And well, if it turns on, it means you connected the powerconnectors right,


so now i have another problem i looked in the motherboard manual and connected the fromt pannel connectors right accoerding to me but it did not turn on i tried again to only power up the motherboard RAM CPU and GPU and it suddenly did not work when it did work earlier my power supply is a corsair 500W 80 Plus bronze certified PSU help me ;(

can you post FULL system specs, 500w may not be enough if you say have dual 2687ws and a 3 titans in tri-sli

When i mean PC specs, i mean what CPU, GPU, How many hard-drives, Fans, how big, how many, what CPU cooler. 

It is possbile, that your power supply is too weak, and since you have maybe been tryng to pull 600W from it, well thats where your problem might be.

IF it worked earlyer, and now it wont then:

a) Something is not connected right (hopefully we have ruled thisone out)

b) Something has died, replacement part needed...

c) Something is defective, and causes this problem.


Still, since your, comments are somewhat hard to unerstand, im going to ask again. Did it work, when you didnt have the RAM and GPU connected?

If it works, add RAM, and try again, continue adding parts one by one, to find out whats causing it.