Computer update

ok my compter is 1 year and 8 months old. some of my fans are going bad.  i have a amd 1055t msi 880g-e45 mother board. 500 gig hard drive  500 psu evga sc 660ti video card.. i play really star trek online ...thats it .. my question is . would it be worth upgrading to a asrock 990 fx3 / 990 fx4 and a amd 8320 cpu... along with 250 ssd drive. ...what performance would i get out of it.. would it be better.....

do you think to update this or stay with the amd 1055t cpu??? or just put in new cooling and a ssd drive 250 gig?


on top of this i must upgrade cooling my fans are dyeing puting in a corsair h60 water cooler ...

they ssd will help a lot the cpu is your chose you need to decide wheather it is bottlenecking your gpu or not or if you just want to get a new everything at once and be done and up to date

Unfortunately the board you have doesn't really support upgrading a lot in terms of SLI or anything... So, the build you have now is probably still more than adequate for all the gaming that you mentioned doing, so I don't really see the need to upgrade it at the moment. I would agree with installing a closed loop cooling system like an h60 or a Cooler Master Seidon 240M, depending on the amount of overclocking your board allows. Knowing how MSI tends to do with their mid-grade chipsets, I would say that it is most likely a 4+1 powerphase. So, with that kind of power regulation, I would say only moderate overclocks would run with adequate stability, and the board also doesn't support RAM speeds of higher than 1600 MHz. So it really is up to you whether or not you FEEL like building a new computer, because your current build seems sufficient to me. ALSO! Your motherboard only supports SATA 2, which means that it will automatically downgrade the transfer rates of the drive to roughly half of what they claim for the drive. So even though the drive's transfer rates with SATA 3 support doesn't even fully saturate the possible bandwidth that SATA 2 supports, the chipset goes ahead and limits the transfer rates. So if you insisted on getting an SSD, you might want to get at least a new motherboard, and at that point you might as well get a new processor to go with it, the FX 6300 is a good option for a direct upgrade for your chip, and really cheap.

thank you .... i use microcenter.. there from mo home town and the have great prices on bundles....  the 6300 amd has price's from 119.99 , 129.99  ,144.99 all the way up to 199.99 the as rock 970 extream4 is 169.99 with cpu...the 8320 starts with 194.98

after all that i was thinking 6300 with the msi 970a g46 and still have some change for a ssd drive. and a cooler... if it will still runs great

thank you all ... just found you all last week and you guys are great ... love the show....




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ok so i guess it is amd 6300 with msi 970a g46   and a h60 corsair water cooler and samsung 250 ssd ... that will be my upgrade