Computer restarting randomly with no BSOD or logs

I recently upgraded to a 7800x3d. Got some nice CL30 6000 memory and an Asrock mobo. I still have the same 620 watt Seasonic PSU and a 1660ti for the time being, which have both been going strong for over 4-5 years.

Now, previously this issue in the title happened like twice, never under load (gaming) and spread apart so it wasn’t really concerning. But today it’s happened twice just watching a twitch stream with the system idle otherwise.

I do have a very gentle OC on the memory sticks, but again it’s never happened under load so I doubt it’s that.

There is nothing in the event viewer pre-restart, only the unexpected shutdown errors after booting. There are a bunch of

The IO operation at logical block address 0x329fd000 for Disk 1 (PDO name: \Device\00000040) was retried.

But I dont think they’re related? I’d appreciate any ideas, as I’ve really got no idea what’s happening to my computer. Cheers

Its probably PSU related. Otherwise there should be more errors being thrown around or visual glitches displayed in the monitor.

Update bios if you haven’t.

Do you run pbo or curve optimizer? Disable them for now.

Disable igpu. Sometimes AMD and NVidia drivers don’t play well together.

I’ll run a long stress test in the evening, if it’s the psu surely this would happen again?

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I have updated the bios and i’m not using pbo or curve optimizer i dont think but I’d entirely forgotten that this CPU has an igpu now. Good idea to disable it generally.

How easy is it to reproduce? If it happens every time you start the computer, I’d suggest running your “nice CL30 6000 memory” at JEDEC speeds first. If it still happens, double check the RAM placement physically. Are the sticks fully inserted? Are all the levers down?
Reseat RAM.

Heavy sustained load is easier for the PSU to deal with. Modern CPUs/GPUs can bounce rapidly between idle and high load due to aggressive power save and turbo boost algorithms.

If the system restart is so abrupt that if OS doesn’t have time to log it then it’s almost always hardware. It never hurts to do both a CHKDSK and SFC /SCANNOW on your system… but I’d suspect hardware here.

It very well could be your memory OC, pushing it so far that the IMCs work tenuously for awhile but eventually fail, which can cause the processor to trip up and that triggers a reboot. For example I can run my 7700X 1:1 at DDR5-6200 and the system will work fine under stress testing for a few hours error free, but eventually it will randomly hard reboot without log errors because driving voltages are too low to sustain the settings.

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Are you by any chance using a SecretLab chair or a chair with soft fabric that gives you electrostatic discharges ?

Well depending on the motherboard.
But that could very well be the culprit it would probably be better to,
just run the kit on the default expo profile on the newest bios.
The X3D cpu´s are not that great for memory overclocking generally.
You gonna need a good memory kit for it like Hynix A die and allot of luck.

Also the 7800X3D is a single ccd chip with additional cache.
So you could probably argue about the benefits of memory overclocking,
in regards to real world performance gains.

Also if you want to get into oveclocking the cores of the cpu it self.
You preferable need a motherboard that has an external clock generator,
which your particular motherboard probably does not have unless it is a Taichi.

might want to give this a go. price is right at free!!!