Computer randomly reboots

Hello world.

I’m having an issue that my pc randomly freezes and then reboots. It usually happens in the middle of gaming or VR. But one time it just randomly rebooted without me doing anything.

At times I have observed the CPU usage to go past 100% in task manager but that was a different issue. But mostly it happens when my CPU runs at 50-70C and GPU 60-80C hotspot as per HWmonitor might be 90C.

I have positive pressure inside the case but recently I had the case open and have an external fan blow on the GPU.

My Setup
Gigabyte Radeon RX5700XT Aorus Gaming OC
AMD R5 5600X boost up to 4.7Ghz, 1.082V
Gigabyte Aorus X570 Gaming Ultra
Corsair CX750F

I do not know what it could be. I still do have warranty on all parts.

From my experience, random reboots while the computer is under load would suggest a power delivery problem. Are you using a properly rated PSU? Have you checked the voltages of the 12V, 5V and 3.3V rails in something like HWMonitor while under load? Also, be helpful to know what make/model PSU you’re using.

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I don’t think your temperatures are a problem. I regularly run my Ryzen at 85C and the GPU at 80, for hours.

Definitely a possible PSU issue. Or motherboard VRMs. Are you getting enough airflow on the motherboard? Is it a X570 with a fan? And is that fan working?

It is a Corsair CX750F

In case you’re using OC’ed memory (including XMP profiles because that is an OC), set it back to default and/or run a Memtest.
When I built mine I had the same issue and it turned out the XMP was not stable (i.e. got a ton of memory errors).


maybe run as administrator autoruns by sysinternals. It is free. It will highlight in yellow any driver or process that is not working correctly. It is also a great tool in general to troubleshoot windows problems.
Hope this helps.

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I am running the memory at XMP 2.0 3.6Ghz but it is stable. I have ran memtest already.

Memtest does not correspond with the load. Just that the memory works. You could start having problems based on PSU/CPU/EM interference later.

You want to eliminate which part fails under load by using stresstest and event viewer. Unless the entire thing is pre-buiid - then RMA might not matter.
That said you can always run:

  1. CPU+ Some memory - prime and check results. I also believe temperature wont be the cause.
  2. Furmark/Kombustor for raw GPU load.
  3. Clean and stable backup of the OS to get rid of pesky SW issues (If you have one)

That said it is possible all 3 will have no significant reboots and then it crashes 16 minutes later during a normal game. For those instances I use a different PSU and cables and send the one I have to RMA.

This is from a perspective of a person locked at home with little access for physical help. I assume that is your case these days :frowning:

So I noticed that the computer does not randomly reboot if it has the Voltage set to Auto, but this means that the computer doesn’t shut down. So it is a motherboard issue.

Could be, gz on finding some new information.


I reinstalled my Chipset drivers, and have not had a crash or reboot yet. I have SVM off. (It crashed before also with SVM and without).

The PC can also normally shutdown now… The VCORE is set to 1.105V

yeah amd systems are finiky on drivers from microsoft.
always install fresh drivers from the motherboard manufacturers website and check beck every few weeks after launch then months after 6 or so months, for updated versions.

one other thing amd cpu’s running windows 7 or 10 like hpet (high precision event timer) to be enabled. (if theres an option to match it to your o.s bitrate (32/64) set it to 64 for 64bit.)
if its disabled (sometimes is by default) enable it and it will stop a lot of single colour screen freeze lockups that have repeating audio loops, when gaming.
or straight up bsods for opening a web browser.

As for chipset drivers - well did you move the OS installation from another computer?

Resolved, tha CPU was the issue. I figured it out the second I put the CPU in my other motherboard and the same issues came up. I sent the CPU to warranty repair and now picking it up.

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