Computer pricing pls help!

I was going to buy this computer off a friend and i was wandering if 800$ is a good price 

Case: Lian li P80
RAM: 16 gig 
CPU: Intel i7 950
PSU: Corsair Gold Series 850 Watts

Mobo: EVGA x58 classified motherboard



800$$$$  this person is not your friend but a joker. the case is so old it hurts to look at, the ram is probably generic, the GPU is old(maybe could play side scroller) ,  the psu is the only good thing left, the ssd is most likely to be the 1st gen of shit ssd and the cpu is so old i think my grandmother had one when she was a small girl 

for 800$ you could build a better unit. i mean a much better unit for the years to come.

this computer was OK back in 2010 but is a celeron now. 

I would say its like $450- $500 then get a good up to date videocard like 7950/7970 760gtx 

While the internals are pretty much out of date. I’m a big fan of the case. I have 3 of them. They can handle anything you want to put in it even today. However, the rest is not worth much.