Computer parts; Ideas?

Okay, my last post was confusing. But let me tell you everything about the PC I would like, and about me.

1. I'm Canadian

2. Budget: 800$ CAD

3. Newegg doesn't work for me, so If you are going to post suggestions, they need to be from another site. (Sorry!)

4. This PC should be highly upgradeable. I would like an awesome CPU, one that won't bottleneck from an insane GPU (should I upgrade in the future.

5. Also, the motherboard should be upgradeable (lots of slots, etc)

6. FInally, the PC should be good for overclocking

P.S SInce I'll be planning to upgrade, I don't need to play BF3 on max settings. Medium graphics for any game is fine, as well as a good frame rate.

Sorry I'll have to postpone the build I slept in and only had time to do one build before work, I'll be back in about 8 hours

Not to worry man! I wasn't talking about you, mostly other people replying to my post didn't understand, so I thought I would specify. Take your time.

so Newegg.CA won't work, they have a canadian branch

Well I pulled this together


cpu: i5 3570k

mb: ASRock z77 extreme 3

gpu: xfx 685a

power supply: xfx Core edition 750W

RAM: GSkill ripjaws

Hard Drive: Seagate Baracuda 1TB

Case: Fractal Design Core 3000


After Mail in rebates you have a price of 781.83.

you can add in an aftermarket hitsink like the Hyper 212 evo

although that would put you over budget. works.

Very awesome! This is just great. Don't worry about been a couple dollars over budget.

Never mind on the overclocking. I might later but for now, I have no need for it. I'm sorry about being such a noob when it comes to computers. I'm just making the jump from Xbox to PC. 

well if your not worried about overclocking you could get a 7850 this xfx after rebates is 160

it'll put you a little over.  And just save an aftermarket heatsink till later. Exactly 800.88! :D

That seems about as solid as it gets for 800

what about 

What about it?

So would you recommend it?