Computer Issues

I recently bought a R9 280x for my main rig and I kept on getting this pop up saying that the AMD display drivers are not working and has recovered. That is great and all but it freezes my gaming then shuts them down. Now my computer has started to hard freeze. I have done S.M.A.R.T and Memtest to make sure nothing was failing but every thing was okay. I am starting to wonder if my Motherboard is the problem. I have also Done a fresh install of Windows still no luck, so is my board or the drivers?

Amd Fx-8320

Asrock 970 extreme 3

MSI R9 280x

Corsair 1333 RAM

750 Corsair PSU Bronze plus 

are you using the drivers off the cd or did you go to and get the latest? should be Cat 14.4 (while your there, it's the same place for your mother board drivers for chipset and also 14.4)
so far it sounds like a bad install of the driver, but not sure. 

I can try that again 

if it happens again, I suggest checking the sata cable, I've actually have a problem with some of mine when I though the hard drive was going. of course if you change the cable and still get these issues, it could be hard drive based. I tend to work the way of testing the cheaper parts to the more expensive, tends to fix before the cursing gets too bad *smirk*

  • Try the gpu in another machine. Its the quickest and easiest way to diagnose this.
  • Update all drivers & BIOS.
  • Test in a linux environment. Run Heaven Benchmark.
  • then look at your motherboard, psu etc as being the culprit.