Computer Help $500 Range



I've made a few posts recently about how I'm planning to buy a new computer. I've got pretty much anywhere in the mid $500 range. My other posts turned into things like "I'm dissapointed that he recommended that computer, go with this ck3!" and it got really confusing so heres attempt two. 

My expectations of the computer

Skyrim and all Arma games on High/Ultra settings (nothing medium or below) at 30+ frames WHILE recording (fraps).

The computer I use now is a laptop w/ the following specs

i7 2.2 GHz 

8 Ram Memory

Nvidia GT 525M

700 GB HD 

I plan on building the computer (will also need help with this... but save that for later) 

Don't worry about the monitor because I already have that covered. If I do end up needing one I'll make a thread about it. 

Also, I've already got a copy of Windows 8 Pro so I don't need it to come with an updated OS. 


IF, you can link me to a computer on Newegg or some other trustworthy site, that would be AMAZING!!! I really don't want the hassle of building the computer but am willing to do it if I have to. 

You need 1500$ (at least!) rig for that kind of shenanigans, Stacy...

Its not gonna happen...

People before have said otherwise... but ditch the recording, I'd like to be able to record (not for youtube) just when funny stuff happens in game and what not. Recording isn't needed.

You want to pair an i7 with a notebook GPU and play on ultra for $500? For god's sake, do some research before posting. The best you can do for $500 is to play on low to medium settings, $600 is really the minimum for a gaming build.

I can do $600. And I didn't say anything about pairing an i7 with a notebook GPU or anything like that? I just want a new computer and the specs I listed were the specs of my current laptop. 

600-700 gives some room for a fairly powerful machine.

Just a few questions:

do you want a specific case?

do you have a GPU brand preference (Nvidia or AMD)

do you want the build to be ultra-compact, or mid-range tower, etc...

do you have a CPU brand preference (Intel vs. AMD)

will you only be gaming on this machine, or rendering,etc?


Sorry, I misread your post.

You won't be able to play most modern games maxed out, but you will be able to do medium to high with this.

If you don't want to overclock, substitute a 965 for that 955

Only preference really is Nvidia just cause I'm used to working with updates on that and what not :P 

As far as what I'll be doing, besides gaming it will be video editing on things like Windows Movie Maker and what not. Nothing too fancy. 

I won't be overclocking so other than substituting do I really need that CPU cooler?

You could save a few bucks by buying a 212 plus, but you need to buy one, AMD's stock coolers are awful. Why don't you want to overclock?

skyrim is dueable but arma is a laggy ass game I have a $800 dollar computer and I get about 30-40 fps on normal / high settings even my freind with a $2000 dollar computer 7970s cf the whole deal can only play on the same setting as me with about the same fps in that game its about the processor.  Just to let you know about that.  This is multiplayer like dayz wasteland tlr and stuff

I played around with that set you just gave me (added the 212 plus thank you for that). The main reason I don't want to overclock is because I'm terrified of breaking something. Plus, it does eliminate all warranties when you overclock a processor (not sure if any warranties are applied to anything on that list w/out extra $$)

It's almost impossible to break somthing when overclocking unless you do somthing batshit insane. the worst case scenario is you having to take out the watch battery in the mobo to reset the settings. Also, I forgot to add some decent thermal paste to that build, which you should have even if you won't overclock. I use arctic silver 5, it's about $5 for a 3.5 gram tube.


I'll probably actually get a 955 processor then and overclock just to have some better playing in Arma because that is my favorite game.  Will I really need that Thermal Paste stuff?

I'll probably just overclock then. Will I really need that thermal paste stuff?

As i said, you need to apply decent thermal paste like Arctic silver 5.

when you have your build put together, create a post to get instructions on how to overclock.


Ok so here is my build so far after some editing...

Why did you go with the gtx 660 over the 7850?

Far more familiar with those.

Is that a bad choice?