Computer freeze then loud buzz

Recently I had my computer freeze while play a game. For about 5 seconds it froze in game, then went to a black screen for another 5 seconds, then after that my screen and computer started working normally but with the internal speaker buzzing loudly. When this happened I quickly restarted my computer and after that, no buzzing noise. I tried to reproduce the bug no to no avail. Any ideas as to what caused this?

if anything is OC'd (majorly or minorly) electromigration could've caused a rare crash

Also- were you aware of the temps when it crashed? I'm sure they were reasonable, but still a variable.

Nothing OC'ed

as far as the temps go I can't tell for sure but my graphics card never goes above 58c and my CPU 63c

so things were most likely around:

GPU: 55c

CPU: 47c

you listed on your profile you're having trouble OC'ing your 3770k.

You know it's always possible that you lost the silicon lotery and it's a bad peice of silicon.

But before we assume that- Have you run a virus scan, and are drivers up to date?

Well first off check all of your Events in the Windows event logger.

Then check Minidump to see if when it crashed windows dumped anything in there.

Then Use Command Prompt and sfc / scannow to check windows and make sure there isnt anything nasty going on.

Will do!

I've had it up to a stable 4.4Ghz With a fairly low voltage a while ago, I think its the motherboard causing my OC issues as any change in clock speed Up or down couses the system no to boot...

Ill get a virus scna going over night, all drivers should be up to date, any specific drivers i should check for updates on?

Actually.I Really hate to say this but I have owned Intel computers for a long time.Years in fact.That has always happened to my systems.I think that may have something to do with the architecture of Intel processors.

Almost every computer crashes from time to time. Figuring out why that specific one crashed and why is the fun part.

I don't think it has to do anything with the architexture, Intel, for the most part, has been out doing amd  (not talking price vs. performance here) so if it really was bad how could they be on top?

Um.When i bough my first AMD computer a Gateway DX4200-09 Phenom X4 9100e it never crashed.for 5 years.Never once crashed.Never locked up on me an performed very very well.It died on my when i put in a videocard that required more than 350watt an blue out my system.


That was in 2010 I do not remember when i bough this computer but it was the first 4 core computer i ever bough.Since then i have used a 1100t an it has never bluescreened or crashed on me.If your getting that.It sounds like you need to return that processor OR! OR MIND YOU! It could be your driver.Try a different driver update.Try an old one.That may fix the issue.

By the way i am sorry i cant give you more information.I know it has happened to me an never did find out what it was.I appologyse if my info is not very good.

Return my cpu,

UPDATE: I've been able to reproduce it now, Everytime I start up Counter Strike source it starts buzzing no freeze or black screen though