Computer for my grandad (only built gaming computers before)

Hi guys, so I'm building a computer for my grandad, the problem is I've only ever built gaming computers for myself and friends and I'm looking to build him a cheap rig for him to use MS Word and email pretty much.


Any of you got recommendations for cheapish components for this build?


I've got a spare FX 4170 so that's the CPU I'm going to use for him.

I'm thinking of using this motherboard as it's the one I use for myself


Any help would be much appreciated.

just get him a cheap laptop

Intel NUC




Bolt it to the back of his monitor/TV and tell him his system now runs on future technology. No need for a computer at all, it's all done through...the CLOUD. He can tell all his mates down the local of his new found sorcerous ways.

I wouldn't go laptop unless he wants to go mobile.. desktop is easier to backup, fix, and maintain. perhaps something like this?

It is cheap, fast, quality parts, and has USB 3.0 for fast file transfers (pictures, and movies)

Highlight list:

  • 128gb SSD for OS and program. 1 TB HDD for backup and media (family pictures, music, backed up movies)
  • 4gb ram so he doesn't have to worry about letting programs run in the background
  • Smaller case with dust filter and quality fan for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • DVD drive for DVD collection if he has it.

If you want to save money, I would ditch the DVD player and HDD, but keep the SSD so the system doesnt slow down over time.

As long as he vacuums the front of the case occasionally, this thing should run cool and quiet for years and still be all the power he needs for modern web programs and etc.

+1 ...  I would just add another stick of ram to truly make it future proof


Thanks man, never thought I'd get an adequate build for that price :). Went for a m5a97 r2.0 board cus it's the same one I have so I know the fx-4170 will work. your recommendation did help.