Computer for father-in-law

Im searching for a laptop for my father-in-law. Im aware that this is not strictly speaking the correct forum as this is for building (desktops) but it was the closest I could find that made sense.

What I need is assistance to track down a laptop that suits his outlandish specifications or that I can upgrade to become what he wants it to be. And yes I have tried talking him in to getting a desktop/Media center to hook up to his TV instead but he is adamant this is what he needs/wants/craves/desires/lives for - can you really argue with in-laws?



  • Haswell CPU for battery longevity
  • SSD for fast boot-ups
  • HDD for storage, but not a hybrid disk w/SSD
  • Optical Drive
  • 15.6"
  • actual GPU although low-end
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (but getting a small usb module would not be an issue) 

Also he is a musical addict so having a decent sound system/soundcard would be a great bonus

Budget: 6,000 NOK / 1,000 USD / 600 GBP, lower is awesome but budget isnt written in stone. If there is great value within 20% that is no issue.

Country: Norway

No prefered retailer. 

I have been looking around for a few hours now and I have not been able to find the above in one machine. Upgrading a machine would not be an issue as I have done that in the past with my own laptops.

If no such machine exists I would be really happy to get some great arguments so I will be better prepared for our next dinner. I am a little versed with computers and have dabbled quite a bit but I am not even in the same city as the ballpark where the Experts play.

Thanks in advance,

Hmmm, sounds like my dad. He might be interested in this. It seems to fit all his needs. It's not 1080p though if he cares and you would need to buy a seperate mSATA SSD but its a damn good computer.

Thats a good suggestion but 15,6" is one of his requirements unfortunately :(