Computer does not want to turn off

My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, please redirect if I am off.

I recently built my first PC and after a few dumb mistakes it is up and running and runs great! However I have quickly discovered one issue, it does not want to turn off! What I mean by that is when I go to shut down it seems to begin to turn off, the screen goes black, and then the Starting Windows screen comes back on and then the login screen, ready to go again.

I have read online it may be a program or process not properly closing but I have looked in the task manager and nothing is out of the ordinary. It goes to sleep and restarts just fine. 

For reference, this is the hardware.

The OS is actually Windows 7 Enterprise. 

If anyone has an idea of why this is happening I would like to hear from you!

maybe because you installed the server version of windows.

Yep that looks like the problem! Thanks for the quick reply

Well I've made some good progress here - it's not the OS that is the problem per-say. It is able to shut down, it just looks like one or more of the services that automatically start up may be the culprit because after disabling auto reboot I got a BSOD that talked about drivers and I was able to boot up no problem. Sooooo it seems I just need to ensure all the drivers and services are behaving correctly.