Computer Desk Extremely Loud When Typing

Hey everyone, wasn't sure exactly where to put this post so I thought gadgets would be most appropriate. So, I just built my own computer desk. Well, not really built. But I basically took a flat 45" by 24" piece of wood and screwed it to the wall using L brackets. You'll see in the photo's. But basically, the problem is that the desk is directly above my parents room and their bed. I put an actually desk in this spot before but it was no big deal because it was a desk and not very loud when typing, but this desk is actually attached to the wall and when I type I feel like it's vibrating the crab out of that part of my room and I fear it will be annoying to my parents and keep them up at night. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I can keep the noise down? I was thinking of placing rubber between the wood and the L brackets and the L brackets and the wall to absorb some of the vibration. But I'm not sure if that will be very effective. ): I'm open to ideas! Please help! Thanks guys!

Here's some photos of what I got going on: - Full desk area - L brackets from an angle - L brackets straight on
Sorry for mediocre picture quality and the mess. Still got some touching up to do with paint.
Thanks a lot everyone.

I'm going to assume the vibrations from your typing transfers to the whitewall, which is pretty hollow and echoes the sound.

The only easy fix that comes to mind is to tape some bubble wrap or foam cushion onto the table, and put your keyboard on that.

I think you should put legs on that table instead.  I'd imagine that piece of wood is kind of heavy so rubber dampening may not be very effective.  If you can find a stud or support piece of wood in the wall, you can try to mount the table onto that instead.  That may help.