Computer completely freezes

My computer keeps freezing at random times. This freeze lasts until I reboot my computer. I've reinstalled all my drivers, except my motherboard or BIOS as I couldn't find them (here). This freezing has been happening for a good month and a half. Actually, ever since I've installed multiple new parts. The new parts I installed were a new FX-6300, motherboard, 8GB DRR3 RAM. My graphics card is a old HD 4000 series. I had a 600w power supply, but it blew so now I'm using a 450w power supply until I have the money to order a new one.


I was thinking it was the power supply causing the freezes because it might not have enough power to handle my computer. People also have suggested it being the RAM or the Hard Drive. Others have suggested it being Windows or the drivers. I don't think it's the drivers (I wish it was). I am going to reinstall Windows and hopefully that will fix it. I can't do that right now though because I do not have a USB or disc to do so. I'm completely lost on this.


When I say my computer 'randomly' freezes though, I want to emphasize the word randomly. Sometimes I'll have a video game open, Adobe Illustrator open, a Twitch stream running, with VLC media player playing music and a couple browser tabs open, while talking in RaidCall and it'll be fine for hours on end. Then the next time it freezes, I'll reboot and right after I hit my desktop, it'll freeze a couple seconds after that. Sometimes it'll do this for 5 times under a hour, maybe even half hour. Sometimes it will freeze will all kinds of programs open and sometimes it'll freeze with merely YouTube open or as I said before, sometimes it'll freeze without anything open right after I've booted my computer up. 


I've also noticed, I'll be able to move my mouse around prior 10 seconds before it freezes. Though, in this ten seconds of mouse moving, I am not able to click, hover or anything with the mouse. Only able to move it.


I'm completely lost on what this could be. Please, someone help me.


Here is my specs: 

Motherboard - ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0

Processor - AMD FX 6300 Six-core 3.5GHz

RAM - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2x4 | 8GB

GPU - ATI Radeon HD 4650

OS - Windows 7 Pro x64


Make sure you have a stable, safe power supply.

Make sure your cooling unit is properly mounted. CPU's malfunction when they are overheated.

Make sure your GPU is in correctly. 

It could be that windows is just stalling, and you need to configure your pagefile better. Or you are just doing too much stuff at once and making everything slower.

I got my 600w to work, don't know what was wrong with it before. 


It doesn't get close to over heating, matter of fact some times when I turn it on, it'll freeze a couple seconds of being on. My gpu is in correctly. I reinstalled Windows and the problem still persists.


What do you mean "pagefile"?

I would also check the RAM. Freezing also happens if RAM stick is bad or going bad or overclock too much etc.