Computer case Corsair 760T & NZXT 630 windowed version

Greetings community this is my first post here, i really don't know if this is the right place to post it or if i should create a post to introduce myself first.

I really dig the videos and reviews of the channel on youtube, love how things are done in those reviews.

I'm trying (soon) to have my first ever desktop built, i'm tired of laptops and consoles, so i want a proper machine.

The components i want to place inside are already known, but i'm really undecided about the chassis to pick.
I'm really thinking between the nzxt 630 windowed version and corsair 760T.

I would appreciate very much any feedback on this, please.
Thank you in advance.

Hey there buddy, welcome to the forum.
You know, i guess, that those are two completely different cases, right?
The NZXT is focused on silence and restricted airflow, while the Corsair is focused on generally being too expensive for what it is...
Seriously now. The NZXT case allows for huge storage capacity and silent operation, while the Corsair is more open and is betting on visuals. Being open front it allows for better airflow, but it sacrifices the storage in order to give free front for better airflow.
It all depends on your goals and needs. Both are huge cases, giving you a lot of room to work with.

Hello my friend thank you for replying.
I created an account here because i watch the videos on youtube and i wanted to try and see if this is a good community.

The nzxt 630 windowed version is it good? Also yes i agree those 2 cases are very different.
I live in Portugal, this will be my first desktop build, and i will use this site for components, cases and stuff: - but i really dont want to spend above 200 euros on the case cause other components that i'm using are already expensive.

About nzxt 630 windowed and corsair 760T can you guide me through the pros and cons?

Anyone can help me through the pros and cons of the nzxt 630 windowed version and the corsair 760T please?

Seems like the corsair case has not a very good material exterior and interior speaking but i can be wrong, some people complain about this on some reviews.
I would love to have the community insight on this please.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry for the delayed reply. My "new" job, that is actually my old job, is taking some time...

Open front intake, meaning good airflow, the hard drive cages are moved aside, so the front is completely open and unrestricted. Not like certain Fractal Design Define S case. The entire side panel is a window, so you will be able to see any imperfection in the cable management or whatever.
The H630...

The front panel is equipped with noise dampening material. The front allows for dual 200mm fans. It have even more restricted airflow than the H440. The hard drive cages are restricting the airflow even more. However, the entire case is equipped with the noise dampening material, so no noise can escape. If you have a lot of hard drives, the NZXT will quiet them down.
My question is, what are you building inside? Custom loop or something? Dual Xeon build? Why do you need that huge of a case?

You don't have to be sorry psycho_666 , you reply when you can, i really appreciate you taking time to reply.

Well i want to go full case because i want to have space for big motherboards and gpu's, also i wish a chassis that can last me a long time in therms of time longevity, good material and all that.

I've read in some sites and videos that the 760T is kinda flexible or even too much, is it true or this case actually has good steel and plastic material?
You also mentioned that the nzxt 630 has restricted airflow...i assume that that isn't good?

What do you mean, when you say "flexible", because I have seen some videos of 760T, that are really flexy. Keep in mind the side panels are actually acrylic or something, so they don't add rigidity at all, and the lack of hard drive cage frame at the front takes away from the sturdiness as well...
As for the H630 - I have a nice video, talking about noise and fans and what not. The important part is, that a fan dust filter is somewhat restrictive when it comes to airflow, and here we are talking fully enclosed front with thin strip of vents on the side.

If you are not planing to do dual cpu build or something that huge, I can recommend you my case - Fractal Design Arc Midi R2.

Mid tower, not as huge, but I can fit 180mm cpu cooler and 300mm GPU with all hard drive bays.
With quiet GPU and CPU cooler it is virtually silent and it have great airflow.
H630 have a lot of issues, 760T is basically overpriced Corsair product.
If you really want huge case:
Phanteks Enthoo Pro

It's all about personal aesthetics. Nzxt 630 is more traditional. 760T is more modern. I had a Phantom 730 for awhile and the old one called Nzxt Phantom (without any numbers) and honestly for best bang for the buck is the old classic one since it actually can take EATX and WS boards. The 760T is fine, but I wouldn't recommend it on carpet, lul. I have mine on the floor so yeah it's custom water cooled and that's not a good idea.

Their both good choices so you'll probably have to pick based design features you like more. Honestly I"m still waiting for the updated 900D or some really game changing case to upgrade (I have Nzxt Phantom, Phanteks Ethoo Luxe and Corsiar 750D atm)

Well i wished for a full tower, i like the looks of the 760T but doesnt seem very solid, since i am in Portugal i will be buying in this store and i don't wish to go to the 200 euro price or above for a case.
My case objective would be something with good airflow, it's important, SLI ability i wish for that as well, and yes full tower if possible or a mid tower that can take atx or eatx motherboards, big coolers air or liquid,and a good space inside for management...but really i would love to go for a full tower.

If you can take a look at that site and maybe recommend me some cases it would be awesome (i'm a big noob at this tech/desktop build thing - i apologise) .

NOTE: when i said nzxt 630 i meant the nzxt phantom 630 windowed.

Thank you for replying LordXenu :)

That classic phantom 730 is not available at the store where i will get the case :/
Between the phantom 630 without full window (with the side 200mm fan) and the one with full window which one you would chose?

Also you talked about the Corsair 750D...that one is available...what are your thoughts about that case (pros and cons).

Welcome to the community!

I'm a big fan of Fractal cases. Simple design, good build quality for the money and inclusion of the features that most folks need. I like mid-tower cases (or smaller) and feel that full towers are usually a bit overkill unless your building a storage server or shoving a bunch of GPUs in the system. They can take up quite a lot of room and can be quite heavy when fully built out, so just make sure to look at the dimensions and do some measuring around the space that you're planning to put it.

I'd suggest the Define R4 w/ window as a mid-tower and perhaps these cases for full towers:
NZXT Phantom 630 MATTE Black WINDOW USB 3.0
Fractal DESIGN DEFINE XL R2 Titanium Grey

Also, I might have missed it, but did you mention whether you were looking into water cooling or air cooling? Sometimes providing more information on the parts you've chosen for your build will help folks provide you with more targeted advice.

We are talking about this monstrosity?

Then all my assumptions was wrong...

This thing is really really good. The visuals - either love it or hate it, but functionality it's great and is way more sturdy than the Corsair.
The website you are shopping from is extremely limited. Since I hate the Arc XL I would probably go with the Phantom 630...

750D is really old now compared to say 760T, at the time I picked it, cuz was very minimalist design. Something a friend or family appriate for a 30+ year male. The 760T was just a tab unconventional and I didn't like the idea of a glass door. If you don't use removable hd bays on your 5.25" or DVD's then the 760T or the h440 is good choice. The old Nzxt Phantom should be available everywhere it has no number. the numbered ones where the 3 variants and updated designs. yea if you have any extended 200m fan it will interfere with tall heatsink. I'm not sure about the 630 they might have changed the design on that so I"m not familiar with the exact measurements 630 exactly, tho I do know it has a smaller space than the 730 and the old nzxt phantom. Ah the model is PHAN-001WT "full tower case" and is $120.00 at amazon and prob. cheaper on ebay.

Pros on 750D:
* Just enough space on top of the motherboard for radiator + 1 fan. I've seen thick Monsta radiator + 1 25m thick fan on top of case without messing with motherboards. As well as support for front 240/280mm radiator. As well as space for tube reservior.
* All dust filters except expanstion slots and back exhaust 140/120mm
* Minimalist design/brush look
* Support for more drive cages and modifcations
* Flimsy door panel is actually stronger and more durable than nzxt or other side doors. I've yet to bend corners or break it. Tho it won't compete with the tempered darken glass of 2015-2016 cases.
* Collects a bit too much dust, maybe just my rig, as compared to older rigs like HAFX etc with open hex-grid cutouts or other open air flow design.

* Top dust filter is just a tiny hex magnetic mesh grid like those of a window screen. Breaks easily if your not careful or stacking stuff on it.

Greetings Alamar and thank you so much for replying as well.

This community has been super awesome and made me feel welcome.

Yes i should have provided more info about the build and i apologise for haven't done that.
I wish for a case that can take at least SLI, at the beginning i aim for aircooling but maybe who knows in future i will go for water cooling, for cpu cooling i really am considering to go water one, but i'm not sure if it's a good idea...the components are in the picture, the ones i'm undecided with are the case and the cpu cooler.

It seems like a awesome case as well...would you go for the full window or the one with side fan?

Also the full window model has only 1 fan in the front, will not the airflow be restricted there because of the presence of the drive cages?

I think all 630 models have only 1 fan at the front. There are the optical drive bays, so there is no space for another intake...

I think there is enough airflow space with the drive cages... Unless you want all drive cages.
If you want to have huge HDD capacity, you may want to look for something like this :

Or this:

Or this:

With 4 optical bays you have all HDD capacity you may ever want..

PS: I would go full window. I don't like the side fan thing... There is a fanmount on the bottom as well to improve airflow if needed.

Greetings :)

But the Phantom nzxt 630 full window will not have airflow issues for it's components?
Isn't it restricted for airflow?

Well i agree that the 750D is not a very modern case but it seems good and solid and with good airflow.
Does it support SLI?

Honestly, pretty much no modern aftermarket case will overly restrict air flow. Case manufacturers know what they are doing and pretty much any case will provide you with enough airflow/cooling for most configurations (especially full-tower cases). I've not built in the Phantom myself, but I know a lot of folks who like them and the case was very popular in general.

A single 200mm fan is stock, but there's mounting options for 2x140mm or 2x120mm fans as well.

Also @Splat_86 - it would be helpful if you used pcpartpicker and linked us all the components that you were thinking of selecting. Its just easier than typing everything out, especially if you end up changing options. I'm not sure if everything listed on there will be available to you in Portugal though.

Not at all...

Check this image. The front fan is visible through the front mesh. No, this mesh allows for clean nice intake.