Computer being very slow

Hello, So when i woke up this morning and turned on my computer, i noticed it being very sluggish and unresponsive, I thought i would just try some things i usually do to see if it really is slower or if it's just in my head, But when i opened steam, it took forever to load, and when i opened my last project on After effects, which i can usually watch in full res in real-time, i noticed even on quarter quality it was taking forever to load a preview. I've run a virus scan and it's picked nothing up on that, and i checked my system with Speccy to see if one of my fans might not be working and a part is overheated, but nothing seems to be wrong, Nor have i installed any software that i think might cause it, I left it on overnight to download battlefield 4, but besides that nothing else has happened

For reference I have a Intel Xeon 1231 v3 16GB of ram and a R9 390, as well as an SSD and HDD only for all my games/recordings

If anyone knows anything at all i could try, then it would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

EDIT: Also, in my programs and features, a list of games are showing up as 12.8GB, where i kow for a fact most of them Amnesia, Arma, The Wolf Among us, etc. Aren't that big, or in some cases bigger. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but thought i might mention it

How long does UAC warning take? Because I had that crippling after Windows update with some AMD driver, which went away after updating that driver for newer one.

Seen this happen several times every now and then, and been kinda joking with solid beta drivers that this will be amazing till that Windows Update fucks it up. :D

Apr 24, 2016

Hey, so i ran CCleaner, and that deleted about 60GB of temp files, which i think must have been hitting my PC quite a bit, so then after that i did a shut down, then turned it on after 5 minutes, and luckily its back to it's 1 second turn on and i just did a quick virus scan to test the speed difference and instead of 15 minutes like before it did it in 3, and web pages are opening instantly again, so i think I've fixed it, although i'm also going to go reinstall my AMD drivers since a lot of places recommended it as well

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Nice work figuring that out. You should run CCleaner on a regular basis to keep this from happening again...or at least you'll know if something similar happens, it's not because your temp folder is bloated.

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Maybe this is happening?
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