Computer basics book

Ive been wanting to understand more about computer technology and would like a book recommendation for this, 

a book similar to the style of 'Science Matters'

Look up info on the internet and read forums and generally free books on the internet as cooperman posted above. Don't waste your money on a book where there is an abuntant amount of info on internet.

Although theres many digital books and other sources id also like a physical book to take to classes(i mostly read during school) and not use my phone since i cant in school. 

You could always go on amazon or even to your local college bookstore and get CompTIA A+ Hardware and CompTIA A+ Software. Two great books that compliment each other. Read the chapters do the quizs and after enough reading you can go get A+ certified (which isn't hard to do at all but it will help for entry level jobs.) 


Those two books are pretty basic to me at least not sure what else is out there.

I second the CompTIA A+ books. 

Brookshear's Computer Science Overview is considered a good introductory book, my course's syllabus was based off of it.

This is a very popular A+ study guide that covers most of the current 801-802 curriculum:

You can get that book for free in a pdf format.